Saturday, October 30, 2010

A weekend off

Well, thats 7 comps in a row and I'm pretty beat up. My arm hurts from trimming, injecting and lifting, my feet hurt from standing so much, my back is tight from driving, my legs are still scraped up from wearing shorts all weekend, every weekend. Still one more comp next weekend in Smithfield, but have one weekend off to recover. So what do I do?

Cook and judge BBQ of course! I'm cooking some ribs now and judged my first comp last night at the Galvinells Hog Fest. It was a great experience and made me want to judge a KCBS contest. The presentations and food ranged from "sucked real bad" to "outstanding".

So....more next weekend after 3Eyz competes in a MBN contest!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I know, I know, lack of posts recently. For that I am sorry. Just finished contest number 5 in a row and there isn't much time to anything other than work and compete. We still have Chambersburg next weekend (Chris and Dan going head to head again), going to the Jack (Big Ugly's team) and then Smithfield, VA MBN contest.

And then? Try and forget BBQ for a couple months. No practice, no new recipes, no packing, just nothing. At least, thats the plan........ we all know I can't do that.

Once we are done with this year, I'll post my thoughts from our marathon season and trust me, I have many!

In the mean time, "good smoking luck", lol. :)