Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington, DC

Sucked wind, choked, got creamed, ate some humble pie, tanked, screwed the pooch, you pic the phrase. How about, we just sucked......

That about sums up this weeks performance! See you all in Louisa :)

Look who came to visit!

Its Casey Vader

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Marietta pics!!

The First Brick! 1st place Brisket!

Dan, Lucas, and Aunt Diana with the Reserve Brick!

Waiting like sardines for awards....


Thanks for the pics, Patsy!

Marietta, OH!

We got a visit from a new team member at this comp! A lucky praying mantis, I named it It started out on Dan's shoe, and then continued to bless the rest of our site, guess it worked!

I wanted to make sure that I took a few minutes to thank everyone who showed at the comp in Marietta, Ohio this weekend! Tommy, Sasha, Rhonda, Grant, Pam, my Dad Rick (who also let us stay at his house), My Uncle Donnie and Aunt Diana, my cousin Patsy, her husband and their son Lucas (who clapped for the first time ever at the awards ceremony!) , Scott and Rachel.

I promised my Uncle that I would make a little "Ode to Uncle Donnie", for the delicious Long John Silver's he delivered prior to turn ins. He truly saved the day!

It was great to be close to where I was born and to get to hang out with my family, and still compete and bring home the RGC "brick". We had a good time, even though the heat was brutal, and I swear I lost 10 lbs in sweat alone.

I also got to meet a really cool fellow min pin lover and I was able to get a pic with them!

Reserve Grand Champions!

Just back from our first Ohio competition. We walked 4 times, 9th ribs, 9th pork, 1st brisket and was awarded reserve grand champions!

Dan H and Chris with their bricks

Our good luck Mantis

Now for a short break and onto DC.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Behind the scenes - Tracy

You folks have been really lighting it up lately in rub purchases and for that, we at 3Eyz BBQ say thank you!

But ever wonder how you get that rub? Especially when everybody on the team works a full time job and we are signed up for 20 competitions this year. Well the answer is Tracy Hixon.

She wears many hats. Banker, shipper, saint (she is Married to Dan H after all), and box maker specialist at the comps she comes to.

So I guess my point is, while Chris, Dan Mc, Jason and Dan H get recognized at the awards ceremonies, she does not, so please say thank you when you place an order and say hi when you see her at a comp.

I speak for the team when I say "thank you" to her via this post. Here is a pic of Tracy from DC.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Repeat! Upper Marlboro, MD

Our very first repeat GC at a contest and our (well Dan H's at least) first 1st place brisket award! Feels good. Special thanks to Chris for riding the red eye from LAX to join us and Dan Mc for busting his butt to be there. No one could ask for better teammates!