Monday, December 13, 2010

The off season

Man did we have a busy season. Full time jobs and 23 comps is quite the handfull. Whats strange is that after the season is over, all I want to do is compete again. Give me 2-3 weeks and I become one with my couch (which is where I am now!).

That said, gimme another couple weeks and planing for next season will be well underway. Not to say we haven't done anything, just been ssssllllloooowww. We have a new sponsor, Huntington Customs, a new Sponsored team, Whiskey Bent BBQ and a couple new retailers too. Plus, its true, this season we WILL have A/C and heat in a bigger trailer. Thats living large to us, well, as long as we don't look at Black Cat BBQ's rig, lol.

So, bear with us, things will get active around here again soon. For now, enjoy your time with the family and the Holidays!

I just like this pic