Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington, DC

Sucked wind, choked, got creamed, ate some humble pie, tanked, screwed the pooch, you pic the phrase. How about, we just sucked......

That about sums up this weeks performance! See you all in Louisa :)


  1. Hey Guys,
    Don't sweat it.....keep doin what your doin and you'll win way more than you lose....besides I stopped at big d's this weekend and got the last of the 3 eyze rub......use it on everything including salad.
    My bride doesn't know it but what the heck...

    John B
    Delaware Blue Hogs

  2. That was one of the worst days I've experienced in a loong time. I heard Dan H. say on BCRN that your thermo just down the street from us read 106F. That sounds about right. Something tells me you guys will be opening a major can of the whoop ass at Louisa and beyond, though.

  3. Where are the pictures from the event