Monday, June 7, 2010

Behind the scenes - Tracy

You folks have been really lighting it up lately in rub purchases and for that, we at 3Eyz BBQ say thank you!

But ever wonder how you get that rub? Especially when everybody on the team works a full time job and we are signed up for 20 competitions this year. Well the answer is Tracy Hixon.

She wears many hats. Banker, shipper, saint (she is Married to Dan H after all), and box maker specialist at the comps she comes to.

So I guess my point is, while Chris, Dan Mc, Jason and Dan H get recognized at the awards ceremonies, she does not, so please say thank you when you place an order and say hi when you see her at a comp.

I speak for the team when I say "thank you" to her via this post. Here is a pic of Tracy from DC.

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