Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Comfort and Competitions don't exactly mix for the 3 Eyz team. While others are chilling in big RV's or pull in with a trailer full of goodies, we usually have a pickup truck of supplies to get the job done. Next season, that may change. So far, its the little things that make a difference.

This past weekend at Seaside Heights, NJ I experienced a first. Now I've done quite a few competitions in the 4 years I've been competing and never have I seen a flushable port-a-potty. Yea, you got it, I'm blogging about a crapper. Well before you laugh, this crapper had an LED solar powered light for when its dark, flowers in it for your feminine side, a sink, air freshener, copious TP and a floor lever to release the stuff to the abyss. Pretty friggin cool if you ask me.

The achilles heel? Well it leaks when raining. Oh well, it seemed perfect!

I'll even give them a free plug;

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