Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dover 2009!!!

SO aside from being a soggy freezing mess, I had a good time at Dover with the "Dan's". Me, my Dan, and Dan Mc competed in the beautiful Dover Delaware comp this weekend, and amidst the TLC filming crews and some of the big dogs of BBQ we made out very well! We took reserve Grand Champion! The trophy is about as big as I am, I will attach a pic later. First place went to Ocean City Pig Assassins! I must say my beautiful boxes have got to be the driving force beind our wins....LOL!

May I mention, I really need to see some sunshine? Me and Snoop are about to go postal if we can't get some Vitamin S soon!!

So this was my last comp of the season, Dan has the Jack next weekend and Talladega the following weekend... which means I am about 3 weeks away from getting my living room back!!!!


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