Thursday, August 5, 2010

A break....... A what?

Yep, a couple weeks off. Some time off is feeling pretty good after a very busy first half of the season. Heading to Ruths Chris tomorrow with my parents and a seeing a ball game on Saturday.

Not to fear though as another 3 in a row is on tap. Bel Air, Dover and New Holland. And I'm ready, cooling vest and cooling bandana in the comp supplies which means it will be 70 degrees. I'll start the rain dance on Monday, cause we need some crap weather for these comps. I'm about sick of the heat.

Oh, and be sure to check out BBQ Pitmasters next week on TLC. The premier is set for Thursday at 10pm EST. And check out future previews. Ya never know when you may catch a glimpse of the 3eyz guys :)


  1. I just saw Thom's FB post saying he enjoyed cooking with you guys Dan! That is great! Maybe you should pick up a new handle like "Hollywood" Hixon. And best of all, MAYBE a few of us pathetic rib cooks will get an opportunity for some video shiggin'. See you tomorrow in Bel Air for some good times and to stock on your rub (BTW for us transplants, that's Harford County, and NOT over west of Frostburg like Google Maps tried to tell me, duh)....

  2. Good page bro. Impressed with all of the retailers you have for your rub. Now, I'm out of the rub and I believe I should have a family discount :D righttt? nah maybe I'll buy some. I'm putting together my new grill this week so I need some.

    :) Wendy Cozart