Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanted – Future teammate of 3Eyz BBQ competition team

3Eyz BBQ is looking for a full time team member. No experience or money is required, only a love of competition and BBQ. A thirst for Patron and a shunning of Political correctness is preferred but not mandatory. The Candidate will have to endure a 1-year “apprenticeship” and must be able to lift heavy objects, deal with multiple type A personalities, work in hot and/or cold environments, sleep in uncomfortable surroundings, be willing to travel, like Five Finger Death Punch, listen attentively, take criticism and not complain. Duties to include selling rub, doing dishes, changing trash, making boxes, cleaning smokers, and a variety of other support tasks. The Candidate will be mentored and gradually be taught how to cook 3Eyz style competition BBQ and responsibilities will increase over time. After the apprenticeship is successfully completed, the candidate may be asked to officially join the team.

Please submit resume to no later than September 2nd. Serious candidates only please.

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