Thursday, December 27, 2012

Its been a while....

Wow, I was reading over the blog, and we haven't updated it since March!!  I guess an apology is in order.

2012 will go down as the most incredible year for 3-Eyz.  I know Dan is working on a year in review, but let me provide you with a few interesting statistics we have been pooling together.....

33 - the number of competitions attended in 2012
11 - the number of Grand Championships won in 2012
 6 - the number of Reserve Grand Championships won in 2012

I don't know what that figures into as a winning percentage, but I'm guessing baseball players would take that for a batting average.

180 - Score for ribs at the JACK!
35 - Bottles of Patron consumed at comp (from what I can remember, its probably more)
 8 - Mason Jars consumed.  Dont know what was in all of them, which is probably a good thing.  What ever was in that jar we got in Georgia was banging!!!
300 - Approximate number of Krystal/White Castle Burgers eaten.  Not sure how many of those chicken ring things.....

It is nice to be home for an extended period, if  we can call 5 weeks an extended period.  We head to Kansas City in mid-January for the KCBS Convention, and then to Lakeland the following weekend.  By then, I think all of us will be re-charged and ready for another run............

We have classes upcoming, so check back often to see where we are headed.  We are also working on our comp schedule for 2013, hope to see many of you out there next year!

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!

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