Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 in retrospect....

Hard to believe the year is over halfway over!!! Looking back to how we've done this year!

Started out in March 09' Dan and Dan Mc headed down to Little Rock, Arkansas to compete in Smoke on the water! They finished 10th overall!!!

Next on the agenda for April o9' was Pork in the Park in Salisbury, MD. We finished 13th overall!!This was our first comp 4 years ago!!

Dan and Dan Mc teamed up again to go to Galvinell's in May of this year! They finished 3rd overall!!!

Charter Tech's Art of BBQ in NJ, came in June 09' with a Reserve Grand finish!!!!

Beltway BBQ Showdown in Upper Marlboro, MD came later in June, with a Grand Champion Finish!!! (Gotta love how they paid in Visa Giftcards...)

I think maybe the most memorable event was the Safeway BBQ Battle in DC!! It was at the end of June 09' and the weather was better than could be expected! Had a little rain but it didn't dampen our spirits!!

Que and Cruz was a different story!!! Close to my hometown of Harrisonburg, Va in Louisa it proved to be a HOT day!!! We had a 5th place finish!! Dan's parents came to cheer us on, and we even had a film crew hanging around with us and a few other teams!!

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