Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jason checking in...

Woo hoo!! 3 Eyz has entered the world of blogging!!! Thanks Tracy for setting this up. As some of you know, updating a website can be a little time consuming, so this will hopefully serve as a way to let you know real-time (or as close as we can) what is happening with us. I am way past due for updating the website. My little 2 year old has been keeping me busy. He has decided that bedtime is no longer 7:30, but more like 9-9:30!!

Bel Air contest is coming up in a week (Aug 14th-15th)! Looking forward to the "hometown" event. Alot of people show up and there are usually some good bands there, beer garden, and plemnty of vendors. Send us a note if you are going to stop by. We'll hopefully be updating pictures and notes throughout the weekend there.

More to come soon...

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