Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Holland

New Holland is the next comp for us. Figured I'd post a pic that Jason took a couple years ago of the park where its held. Notice the open areas, grass, tall trees that provide shade. Just a wonderful setting for a BBQ comp!

Of course, we won't be set up anywhere near here. Our space is still on grass but on the far eastern side of the park. Inconvenient for bathrooms, the judges area and even most of our friends. And NO sun protection other than our canopies. Disgruntled? Hardly! I can pull in easy, get out easy, park nearby. Setup my cookers on a level basketball court and have some quite time. I actually like the spot.

I'll be cooking with a new competitor, a MABA cook by the name of Dave (Smokin_geek on the MABA forum) and Tom from the VA BBQ Pirates has offered to come help on Saturday. Always good to have an experienced set of hands there to help out. AND, Tom is the best damn rub salesperson I have ever seen!

I won't have Mutha Chicken around for this one, so we'll have to pull out of whole hog :(

Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm sure I'll post more before the comp!

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