Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Post!

Greetings All...

My first priority is thanking all who have mentored, assisted, competed with and/or against us. We could not be who we are today without all of the friendships we have made in our fellow teams. Nor would we have achieved all we have without our teammates... (the ones who always came and helped out in a pinch!) Michelle and Will Cannady, Wayne Tucker, Rick.... and many others I want to say THANKS to!!

The idea of creating a blog was the sheer genius of the "Man" behind it all... my wonderful husband, Dan Hixon! It gives me the opportunity to tell our story, and also a chance to exercise my creative

I love to take pics, and will post a ton!

I was told by a certain someone I needed to post this pic for all of BBQdom to enjoy.... and while I could have made some great coffee mugs or something to that effect, I am sharing it with all of you!!!!


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