Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bel Air ReCap

Ouch. I always feel like crap after a contest, but this one was even better given it was the first hot contest of the season. Hard to complain though, since it could have been far worse.

Ever go into a port a potty at 90 degrees in the sun? Well next time I'm bringing my thermo pen since it had to be 130 degrees inside. BUT, they were clean most of the time and had to be the best smelling ones I've ever seen. So, cudos to the organizers!

Sorry, tangent there..... We set up this year in practically the same site as last year, close to both the BBQ Guru and Dizzy Pigs which really made the time fly. Its great to spend time with our friends but in hind site we really should have changed things around. You see, the BBG Guru won last year and I'm sure it had to do with their proximety to 3eyz. We proven that, by them winning the event for the second year in a row. See, isn;t that proof enough? We setup next to each other 2 years in a row and they won 2 years in a row. Clearly its a pattern :)

Seriously though, a hearty atta boy to them for pulling it out. That makes 4 GC's at Bel Air that Kenny has been a part of. Very impressive!

For maybe the first time ever, I actually correctly *well almost) guessed how good/bad my entries were. You see, at contests, usually when you say, "my ribs were good" they actually tanked and vs versa. This time I said the chicken and ribs were pretty good and I wasn't as excited with the pork and brisket. What we ended up with was 1st place ribs, 7th place pork, 11th chicken and a 16th in brisket. That was good enough for a RGC. We are very, very happy!

So, time to start planning for New Holland in 2 weeks. That contest has been a rough one for us historically so we'll certainly have to bring our A game. See you all there!

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