Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mom's Christmas Cookies

OK, so a couple months back I told my Mom I should enter her Christmas Cookies in an anything but turn in so she can say she has award winning cookies. Thought the perfect opportunity would have been the on site judging at Louisa, VA in July so I could do a Christmas in July type theme. Well, had to cancel the aux categories then as we had a film crew following us and thought it would be too much trouble. SO, I decided to enter them this week at New Holland.

The pic above is the box. Those are her cookies, baked in a Backwoods Smoker by me of course.

And that is also a pic of my first ever Dead Ass Last (DAL) in a contest category. 40th out of 40. You've got to be kidding me, the worst possible scenario.

The best part? When I broke the news to her on the way home, she reacted the way any of us cooks would be proud of. SHE BLAMED THE JUDGES. LOL, that was awesome........

For those following along at home, don't role the dice like this. Just leave well enough alone and submit your own recipes! Stupid, stupid, stupid.


  1. I'm glad your Mom took it OK. I'm convinced you had a premonition of your first DAL!

  2. all of the sudden my 67th place ribs arent looking so bad......wait a still sucks! ;)